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Qipasa is an all-in-one social media app to share and discover inspirational travel and life-style content. We provide you a lot of functionalities and strive to develop and unlock more functionalities in the near future.  

Overview of features

  • Personalized timeline to upload your pictures, videos or to share your stories.
  • Chat to stay connected with your friends and family.
  • Follow other insipring users who share their amazing experiences.
  • Find new friends to connect and chat.
  • Save your favorite posts.
  • Check out the news feed for trending and popular posts.
  • Discover your personal memories you have shared a year ago.
  • Connect with like-minded explorers by joining a group or create your own.
  • Read or write inspiring blogs.
  • Use your wallet to support creators or to send money to your friends.
  • Discover exciting travel and lifestyle companies through their business pages.
  • Join events you love or create your own event and invite your friends.
  • Discuss and learn from other travel enthusiasts with our user forum.
  • Find exciting job opportunities in the world of travel and lifestyle with our job feature.
  • Discover exclusive promotions in our app.
  • Use our advertising to reach your potential customers globally.
  • Use for free or upgrade to acces pro features.

Pro features      

  • Post and share your travel vlogs.
  • See your profile visitors.
  • Show or hide your “last seen” status.
  • Verified badge.
  • Promote and boost your post and company page.
  • Create a poll.
  • And more…
"Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."